Sustainable Means Replicable

Sustainable Future

With an accelerating global population, major population center shifts, and populations and businesses searching for new locations to grow, a truly sustainable future will require something more than a mere paradigm shift.

It requires a sea change in vision, and a practical new approach with a commensurate investment in infrastructure to expand basic resource availability of water, power, sanitation, agriculture, and fuels sufficient to address future needs.

Projected global growth will translate into increased consumption, water by 35- 70 percent, fuels by 50 percent and food by 40 percent; satisfying these will require an unprecedented ability to scale quickly ahead of these global shifts.

Sustainable means replicable, and the Hellenic model begins with frame, scale and scope capable of expansion and integration capable of creating sustainable long-term functionality and viability, with community at its core.

Driving the initiative forward, Gaugamela unites vision and skill in the arena of design and fulfillment.