Pushing the Envelope


As Hellenic’s operational division, Gaugamela is charged to foment change in alliance with disparate stakeholders aligned in their collective and equity, dividends and import.

Combining the efforts of industry, finance, agriculture, infrastructure and logistics within a global community footprint, we propagate and proliferate the physical and economic growth of all, sustainably, securely and reliably.

To work diligently to the benefit of all under our stewardship – creatively, productively, profitably and sustainably – while challenging other commercial and socially minded participants to join our alliance of diverse self-interests, with community viability and global GDP growth at the core.

This will create jobs alongside a growing community with energized undergird.

Pushing the envelope of convention with innovation and discipline will shift the entirety of global existence toward an inclusive, relevant, secure, sustainable and functional reality, all defined by global GDP growth and community self-reliance in collaboration with industry and environment.

We will break new ground with respect to technology, re-define cutting edge with respect to technology, and redefine the future.

The task will become elemental and dispersed within community and across the network.