New Communities & New Markets


Extensive investment in infrastructure globally is required to shore up the developed world and create new potential for fruitful existence in the underdeveloped economies.

Pent-up infrastructure demand impacts both the advanced and developing markets.

Advanced markets require extensive replacement of aging infrastructure.  Developing markets require enlightened levels of new investment.  Future large-scale urbanization requires massive infrastructure and essential services build-outs.

Cumulative infrastructure spending through 2030 is expected to exceed $41 trillion, about half of it in advanced economy regions.

Africa alone minimally needs $38 billion in annual infrastructure investments, according to the World Bank.

The developing nations require new traditional and social infrastructure and all the requisite investment.

Even China, the largest developing economy, may already suffer from misalignment of its infrastructure investment.

Hellenic’s model of investing in water and power and directing the revenue derived into infrastructure and community and thereby creating new communities and new markets is part of our elegant design for the future.

As the operational arm of Hellenic, Gaugamela’s mission is to design, engineer and build this envisioned yet practical future and bring it to life.