Global Markets


As the operational extension of Hellenic, Gaugamela is focused on engaging a collaborative alliance of commercial and socially minded participants in a quest to expand global markets and increase market share for all those involved in the alliance.

This framework will create jobs, assist in balancing social inequities, increase global GDP, and potentially make the world safer and more secure for us all.

Hellenic, Gaugamela and GenYize conduct this strategy through excellence in the planning, design, engineering, procurement and construction of our facilities and the trade bloc.  By extension, the communities around them flourish.

Our Alliance of like-minded participants proficiently executes on its long-term holistically defined business plan.  We empower the community to aggressively participate in developing support infrastructure in tandem with commercial and industrial growth, utilizing education, engaging entrepreneurship, R&D and community members.

Gaugamela will lead the charge in defining and designing the water and power production, infrastructure, logistics and agricultural developments that define the overall enterprise, including the further commercial and industrial expansion.