Essential Worldwide Infrastructure Investment

Gaugamela LLC: the Operations
Arm of Hellenic LLC

Hellenic LLC has formulated an elegant solution for essential infrastructure investment worldwide.

Our blueprint centers on water, power, logistics and fuel, driving agriculture, traditional and social infrastructure, and community growth.

Our vision is designed for inclusive economic expansion of the growing global consumer population, projected to increase by three billion people, adding $80 trillion to global GDP in the next 25 years.

Gaugamela is Hellenic’s operational arm and will design, engineer and build the advanced facilities that address key issues of the current global economic dilemma, such as, population boom, scarce resources like water, power, food, environmental balance, sustainable urban development.

A strategic global network

With Gaugamela designing, engineering and building, we initiate a new economic growth cycle through a strategic global network of more than 20 infrastructure installations, targeting an initial six on multiple continents in the present time-frame.

These strategically located facilities forge a distinct international trading bloc and are designed, scaled and focused on generating industrial and agricultural commodities and products required for the worldwide demand growth of such basics as essential commodities, foods, fuels, chemicals, metallurgy, as well as materials for manufacturing and commercial expansion.

The backbone of the global enterprise is our worldwide logistics network – a distributed international trade bloc – and Gaugamela will build it, starting with the initial six strategic installations that launch our investment portfolio.

Each facility is centered on the large-scale generation of water and power, and the manufacture and distribution of biofuels, and related products. Each facility supports a collocated industrial complex, the proliferation of communities, and the growth of markets.

These facilities will drive significant regional and cross-border economic expansion, via the robust commercial network across the trade-bloc.

A new economic cycle

Initial locations are planned for Greece, Mexico, Guatemala (2), Virginia and Texas. Each is holistically designed with a Port facility to support long-term industrial, commercial and community expansion, sustainability and without governmental subsidies.

While inter-related, each location is a self-sufficient commercial, industrial tax-free zone and community hub, utilizing cash flows generated from water, power and ancillary assets to generate and sustain community and industrial infrastructure.

Gaugamela LLC is Hellenic’s operational arm for the design, engineering, procurement and construction, commissioning and production of water, power and biofuels facilities, and their forward management.

Large-scale infrastructure

With our EPC partners, under the Hellenic aegis, Gaugamela will build distributed, sustainable infrastructure at large scale.

  • Desalination plants (300 million gallons per day)
  • Steam cogeneration power (3,000 megawatts)
  • Biofuels (250,000 bpd)
  • Extensive related infrastructure
  • Brine electrolysis facilities
  • The commercial and industrial complex
  • Related social and community infrastructure

In its operations, Gaugamela engages major vendors and contractors to design, construct and then manage ongoing operations.

Hellenic deploys Gaugamela to lead commercial activities, and our partner GenYize, LLC leads community requirements.

For investment purposes, each large-scale location is a self-sufficient commercial, industrial tax-free zone and community hub, utilizing cash flows generated from water, power and ancillary assets to build and extend traditional and social infrastructure, generate revenue streams and energize the trade bloc.