Advanced Biofuels Technologies


In association with our trade bloc, the development of water, power and related infrastructure assets, and community, Hellenic is initiating a core business in the development and expansion of biofuels at its trade bloc facilities and elsewhere.

Hellenic’s use of advanced biofuels technologies dramatically expand the range of feedstock consumption in the refining process, across the spectrum, ranging from farm by-products and waste to coal and rubber at large economic scale.

Plans for the treatment of waste into consumable products reduce reliance on fossil fuels and natural resources, reducing the impact of non-degradable and degradable waste in large quantities.

We intend consumer, commercial, governmental and military uses for land, air and sea.

We will deploy our merger and acquisition strategy for rapid integration and deployment with existing energy companies in multiple jurisdictions in refining, logistics, and consumer delivery markets for biofuels.

Ongoing economic expansion in Asia – particularly in China and India – will drive continued growth in the world’s demand for fuel over the next 20 years.

Global demand for fuel is expected to rise by as much as 40 percent from 2013 to 2035.

It is imperative that biofuels continue to displace fossil fuels, both with respect to advanced bio-feedstocks for crude oil and biofuels for transportation fuels.

Biomass could represent more than 15 percent of primary energy by 2050, helping to expand the supply of auto, marine, and aviation transportation fuels.

Under the Hellenic aegis, with Gaugamela in the design, engineering and construction role, we will not only participate in but we will drive this growth.