The Proliferation of Community


The Hellenic model focuses on the development of essential resources for the proliferation of community in relation to industry, commerce and trade.

We recognize that many of the materials and resources necessary to support global growth derive from our common natural resources.  Our objective is both to develop and share future prosperity in harvesting the resources our model creates.

The design of the Hellenic model is intended to meet the immediate and the long-term needs of a community, and also to advance direct community involvement in planning and building new communities.

The sustainable nature of our design enables a community to participate in growing economic activity while addressing the most acute of their societal needs, especially in relation to education, health and safety.

Under the Hellenic umbrella, and with Gaugamela as the design and build instrument, GenYize brings communities and industry together, working toward the shared future.

genyize logoGenYize is our community advocacy clearinghouse supporting communities along with industry, commerce, and trade across the Hellenic trade bloc, providing vocational training, healthcare, education, housing, and other tasks vital to improving lifestyle and living standards.

It is funded through a Single Purpose Community Vehicle (SPCV) as part of the Hellenic global growth model.

Capital derived from the water and power infrastructure required to generate community will be directed to develop traditional infrastructure for industry and commerce, and social infrastructure for the development of communities.

We drive urbanization at scale, designed in concert with integrated distributed infra­structure to support industry and commerce, and hence, community.

In addition to community infrastructure, we maintain telecommunications and make it accessible and affordable community-wide, including the communication network, social network gateway, Internet, cell and cloud coverage.

GenYize tailors its offering on a global basis project-by-project anticipating local or regional issues and goals, coordinated across our trade bloc.


  • Creates or strengthens the local workforce by addressing project, industry and community workforce needs;
  • Develops partnerships and incubators in support of jobs and entrepreneurship, focusing on individual, corporate, state, country and/or community needs;
  • Develops consumer affinity programs, managed to enhance quality of life and promote community well-being.

GenYize works alongside Hellenic projects in Virginia, Texas, Mexico, Guatemala and Greece, and beyond, as we establish our trade bloc and consumer base.

GenYize also works to ensure compliance and legally mandated reporting on labor and union issues, temporary housing, agriculture, healthcare, education, the environment, foreign work permitting, travel and inoculation.

We are focused on building and enhancing the community undergird required to support initial project infrastructure construction, the long-term industrial and commercial activities to follow, and community worldwide.

In so doing we work with institutions, think tanks and nonprofits with similar mandates and the desire to raise the living standard for the increasing majority of the world’s growing population.

Our collaborative alliance, with industrial, commercial, logistics and community advocates and corporations, joins our common aspiration world-wide for the proliferation of sustainable economic growth.