Productivity Growth


Increased capital investment in the agriculture of an emerging country has often presaged an increase in its GDP, increasing per capital  growth and future economic stability.

Reducing poverty and creating new middle-class existence and habitable lifestyle requires investments in basic infrastructure like water, power, transportation and sanitation, simultaneously, all linked to agricultural productivity growth in rural and urban areas.

Hence, agricultural enhancement is vitally linked to improvements in infrastructure and transportation systems such as roads, rail, irrigation, sanitation and ports.

Demand to support future prosperity will require the need for more acreage for more production along with demand in the billions of tons by 2050.   Food production will need to increase by some 70 percent between today and 2050 to feed the increasing world population.

Enlightened global agricultural proliferation is imperative for the creation of effective, scaleable, and consistent food production and in business feedstock, including the realm of stacked agriculture.

Agriculture’s contribution to hunger reduction consists not just in producing food where needs are greatest but also in creating employment, generating income, and supporting rural livelihoods.

Hellenic posits a new renaissance of agriculture as part of our holistic program that incorporates a huge response to looming issues of water and power demand.

Introducing large-scale desalination facilities globally is part of Hellenic’s solution, and Gaugamela will build them.